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 Applications Form

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PostSubject: Applications Form   Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:13 pm


- Link your profile from the armory

- Have you read the guild rules and accept them?

- Small summary about yourself in person (age/location etc)

- What is your PvE

- What are your long-term plans in WoW?

- Are you focused on improving your char to the fullest? in PvE

- Your applying characters name, class, race and level.

- Instance Experience (how far in each?)

- How much played (hours played on mains and alts)?

- Your professions and skill-levels?

- How do you plan to get potions/foods/flasks for raiding?

- When are you usually ingame? (DETAILED playtime schedule)

- How many days /evenings are you able to attend raiding?

- Do you have a reliable connection?

- Name all previous guilds and why you left them

- How long have you been playing wow? Do you got any other MMO experience?

- How do you feel when a raid-leader gives you order? Will you follow them?

- Are you willing to reset talents if its needed?

- Do you use Ventrilo?
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Applications Form
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